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Vehicle Robbery script! Using VIN numbers to track stolen vehicles adds a realistic and challenging aspect to the gameplay, making it more immersive and engaging. Here’s a basic outline of how such a script could be structured, along with some potential features and code snippets to give you an idea of how to implement it:

Script Overview

  1. Vehicle Ownership: Players can own vehicles.
  2. VIN Numbers: Each vehicle has a unique VIN number.
  3. Robbery Mechanics: Players can steal vehicles, and the VIN can be removed to obscure the crime.
  4. Police Tracking: Police can track vehicles by their VIN numbers.
  5. Gameplay Consequences: Vehicles without VINs can raise suspicion.

Open Source 20 different starting locations 30 different cars more can easily be configured in the config Wide Config Low MS around 0.00 – 0.01 idle and 0.01 – 0.02 on use (Can go around 0.05-0.06 when spawning the peds) Configured for both Ox and GHmatti Configured for QB and BT Target Custom UI Comes with police checks so they can search for destroyed Vin Numbers Car Hacking Car blips so police can see the blips (untill the crims remove it by hacking)´ Config:

You can configure all positions in the config You can enable debugging mode in Config to see if all polyzones match up Car chances Decide whether to use ox or Ghmatti Decide whether to use bt or qb target Configure how many cops needs to be on Configure max price A lot of peds options to choose weapons, peds and more!

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