Realistic Wheel Damage V3 [ESX,QB]

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Realistic Wheel Damage V3 [ESX,QB]

Realistic Wheel Damage V3 [ESX,QB]

Realistic Wheel Damage V3 ESX/QB FrameWork

This script will fully overhaul the wheel damage system. Tires can now pop from collisions or jumps/falls. The entire wheel can also fall off the car making it much more difficult to drive (or fully disabling the car, configurable in the config)

This script is standalone, meaning that it does not require any additional scripts or frameworks. It’ll work pretty much anywhere

The damage the wheels receive from collisions is fully configurable. You can even set damage multipliers per vehicle class + a special multiplier for vehicles which are using the off-road wheels/tires.

Main features

  • Wheels can fully fall off the car
  • Tires pop from damage
  • Realistic damage calculations
  • Wheels get repaired automatically when the whole car gets repaired
  • Set damage multiplier based on car model and classes
  • Damage synced between all players
  • Works with all (tested) addon vehicles
  • Multiple public events that allow you to damage/remove/repair the wheels
  • High performance
  • Highly configurable

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