Scuba Diving [QB]

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Scuba Diving [QB]

Scuba Diving [QB]


  • Use able diving apparatus that equips a diving mask and scuba tank on the player
  • Use able wet suit that applies a wet suit to the player
  • Configurable oxygen level for your diving apparatus so players aren’t underwater for too long
  • Shipwreck spawns when inside diving zone with changeable props
  • Salvage crates spawn when inside diving zone with changeable props
  • Chest prop spawns on the floor when the player opens salvaged crates
  • Highly configurable script to make many changes to loot systems, prices for items and rental, and chances to find tiered items
  • Change event names and use configurable natives to aid in compatibility for servers
  • Secure events with distance checks, item checks, zone checks and money amount checks to prevent exploit and abuse
  • Rent-able boat to take to diving zones
  • Anchor to use whilst out at sea to stop boat from floating away
  • Use able diving map that shows an image with a rough location [if wanting to change location for diving zone make sure you change this image to suit your new location]
  • Choice of mini-game when opening salvaged crates
  • 100% Open source

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