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Introducing the FiveM Security Cameras script, a comprehensive addition to your server that brings a new job focused on installing, managing, and customizing security cameras. With features like assigning ownership, repairing cameras, and managing employees via a convenient work tablet interface, this script enhances surveillance capabilities and fosters a safer virtual environment.

Introducing the FiveM Security Cameras script, a game-changing addition to your server that introduces a whole new job role dedicated to bolstering security and surveillance capabilities. With this script, players can dive into the dynamic world of security operations, taking on tasks such as installing, relocating, and even destroying security cameras strategically placed around the map.

What sets this script apart is its unparalleled level of customization and control. As an employee, you have the power to not only install cameras but also decide who has access to monitor them. Whether you want to assign ownership to specific players or entire professions, the script empowers you to tailor the security infrastructure to your server’s unique needs. Additionally, you can customize camera groups and names, making it easy to organize and identify each camera within the system.

Maintenance is a breeze with the FiveM Security Cameras script. Broken cameras? No problem. You can quickly and efficiently fix them, ensuring uninterrupted surveillance coverage across your server. Moreover, the script’s intuitive work tablet interface simplifies operations, allowing you to manage employees, send invoices, and perform other essential tasks with ease.

Speaking of employee management, as a boss, you wield authority over your security team. Utilizing the work tablet, you can hire, kick, and promote players, ensuring that your workforce remains efficient and effective at all times. Additionally, the invoicing system makes it seamless to send invoices for your services, allowing you to specify prices and include optional messages to communicate with your clients effectively.

In summary, the FiveM Security Cameras script offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to elevate security standards on your server. From installation and customization to maintenance and employee management, this script provides the tools and functionality needed to create a safer and more secure virtual environment for your community.


– Install security cameras

– Choose owner for camera

– Change owner of camera

– Chage camera group and name

– Fix broken cameras

– Relocate old cameras

– Manage employees

.. and much more.

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