Shipping Job [QB]

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Shipping Job [QB]

Shipping Job [QB]


  • [📦] Cargo vehicles can be arranged according to vehicles
  • [🚚]  If it moves away from the cargo vehicle or if it comes out of the game, the vehicle is deleted
  • [💵]  The money he receives from the task is registered as he does work, so he can see it as it is added
  •  [🛒] Players can get awards according to the level they won (such as 1 Level Award, 2 Level Award)
  • [⚖️]  Top 50 system is competing between the players at first start with 50 boots and real game as the work is done
  • [💸]  When you deliver all the cargoes, you can have special money for each vehicle according to vehicle capacity
  • [🌠]  The chat system is an environment where all players can chat actively
  • [🚘] You can add special boxes to each vehicle and manage new vehicles

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