Shot Spotter System [ESX,QB]

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Shot Spotter System [ESX,QB]

Shot Spotter System [ESX,QB]

Simple Police Permissions, This script includes a configuration file which “AlertVehicles” This is where you can configure which vehicle this script will work within. Next is “WeaponWhitelist” This allows you to set weapons that will not set off the alert. The next is “TimeAfterAlert” This allows you to set the time police will get the notification after shots are fired. Finally the last is “BlipTimeout” Which allows you too set the time till the blip disappears for LEO on the map.

Map Blip, This script shows a white transparent blip on the map at the area of the shots fired.

Nearest Postal, This works directly with the basic nearest postal script, Allowing the alert to show the nearest postal of the shots.

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