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Our smart airbags are smart and will inflate themselves only when a strong collision occurs, to protect both the driver and the passenger. Get that realism in your deployments with customized sound effects. These air bags are universal therefore can fit well in most of the vehicles. Boost role play scenes by allowing manual activation through “/airbag” command. Simple permission checks and customization through changes on cl_airbag.lua file is possible because of our framework integration

Our Smart Airbags redefine safety with a comprehensive suite of features designed to enhance protection and user experience. Automatic Airbag Deployment ensures that airbags deploy only in significant crashes, minimizing false activations and maximizing effectiveness. When deployed, users will experience the realism of the event through custom sound effects, adding an extra layer of immersion to the safety process.

Designed to be Universal, these airbags are compatible with nearly every vehicle model, making them a versatile solution for various automotive needs. Whether you’re driving a compact car or a full-sized SUV, our Smart Airbags have you covered.

Our Smart Airbags offer a comprehensive set of functionalities to ensure optimal safety and user experience:

Full Features:

  1. Automatic Airbag Deployment: Airbags are intelligently programmed to deploy only during significant crashes, ensuring that they do not activate unnecessarily. In the event of a qualifying collision, both driver and passenger airbags deploy promptly to maximize protection.
  2. Realistic Sound Effect: Experience the realism of airbag deployment with our custom sound effects. You’ll hear the distinctive pop as the airbags inflate, adding an immersive element to the safety process.
  3. Universal Compatibility: Our Smart Airbags are designed to be compatible with nearly every vehicle model, ensuring widespread accessibility and application across various automotive platforms.
  4. Manual Deployment: For enhanced role-playing scenes or simulations, users have the option to manually trigger airbag deployment using the “/airbag” command. This feature allows for dynamic storytelling and scenario creation, adding depth to immersive experiences.

Framework Integration: Our Smart Airbag system seamlessly integrates into existing frameworks, offering flexibility and customization options:

  1. Permission Checks: Integration with the cl_airbag.lua file enables easy management of permissions and configurations. Users can modify this file effortlessly to add or adjust permissions, ensuring that the Smart Airbag system aligns with specific requirements and preferences.

With these features, our Smart Airbags prioritize safety, realism, and adaptability, offering a comprehensive solution for automotive protection and simulation needs.

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