Smart Hose – Water & Foam Mode [ESX,QB]

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Smart Hose – Water & Foam Mode [ESX,QB]

Smart Hose - Water & Foam Mode [ESX,QB]


Water Mode – Easily activate the water mode with /hose, using our custom addon weapon fire hose.
Foam Mode – Once you’re in water mode, you can easily switch to spraying foam instead with the /foam command.
Foam Particles – We’ve added new particles for the foam mode to enhance realism. This is considerably different from the normal water particle and can be identified easily.
Foam Ground Effects – When using foam mode, a foam effect will be added to the ground everywhere you spray. This enhances realism on scene for all those involved.
Pressure System – When using either foam or water, using the arrow up and down keys will adjust the pressure of the foam or water making the particles bigger or smaller.
Faster – We’ve designed SmartHose with efficiency in mind and low resource usage is a priority. You can even test this out on our test server. See our website for the IP address.
Fully Synced – Every element of the resource is fully synced including the live changes in pressure and also the foam effects on the ground.
Permission Checks – We support QB-Core, ESX and vRP straight out of the box, with the ability to check for jobs/permissions. We also have support for ace permissions which can be easily configured.
Exports – We’ve added server exports for activating the fire hose and foam mode, allowing you to easily integrate this into an external menu or system. If you need additional exports or any other assistance, get in touch with us.
Configurable – Every aspect of the resource is configurable compared to our free HoseLS resource. You can adjust everything from a cooldown on the hose to even the maximum pressure size for water. This allows you to modify the resource to fit the needs of your server and community.

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