Squid Game [ESX,QB]

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Squid Game [ESX,QB]

Squid Game [ESX,QB]

Squid Game ESX/QB FrameWork


Resource is highly configurable and has next features:

  • Location. Modeled location with attention to details such as doors, walls, guns, tree, doll and guards.
  • Doll. Doll sign the song and rotating head smooth and synchronised between all players;
  • NPC’s. NPC’s can be spawned in the role of players. They are shown in a showcase video.
  • Song. Song  edited with the help of Adobe Audition to provide the best quality.
  • Detection of players movement.If the doll’s watching and you move – game over.
  • Guns on walls. Guns automatically shooting straight into players.
  • Guards. Standing near a doll with configured and already installed outfits from Game Guard Outfit for MP Male –
  • Outfits config. In the config file we’ve provided a config of [RELEASE][PAID]Game clothing Pack [OPTIMISATION] , but you can set up your own outfits as well.
  • Countdown. When the countdown is over and you are not in the finish zone – game over.
  • Multiplayer. Many players can join the game together.
  • Optimized. CPU and Network Optimized. If you are not in game, the script takes less than 0.01 ms and a few requests sended over the network.
  • Plug-and-play. Standalone, ESX and QBus versions;

Video Preview

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