Taxi Job [ESX]

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Taxi Job [ESX]

Taxi Job [ESX]

Taxi Job ESX FrameWork

With this script, players can do taxi work on calls from other players as taxi drivers, payment in script, etc. the operations are carried out automatically.

Data is saved as json data.

They can rent cars from their registered taxi centers and start work.

There is a menu that can be accessed to panels such as meter settings, notification settings, customer call list, and can open the menu while in a taxi with the “J” key and review which menu is used from the info section.

Calls are dropped to the customer list of users registered to the taxi center, you can start by confirming the call from the customer list.

If you can set the meter as desired, the meter fee will be reset after the customer gets on the vehicle, the rate you set will be shown to the customer and if they agree, they will mark via gps.

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