Territories [ESX]

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Territories [ESX]

Territories [ESX]

  • Territories is a modern refresh of a well-known gang territory control script.

– Each zone/territory is highly configurable, facilitating group and job access restrictors (so you can configure each zone to only be influence-able by certain groups). Each territory can have access to multiple labs, which use routing buckets on entrance to allow repeat use of the same lab multiple times across the resource with no conflicts.

  • Labs can be configured with multiple actions, which can also be re-used across multiple labs. This makes it possible to configure multiple entrances to different labs, which use the same interior, while allowing different actions in each lab. An example of this would be creating a lab with only a production action point, and giving access to all ranks/grades of a job/gang, while setting up a restricted lab to the highest rank/grades with access to the packaging action. This would force players to interact with higher/lower ranking members of their organization in order to complete the production process.

Influence over a territory is gained through player population dominance in a territory, PvP (killing another player) where enabled inside a territory, and exports have been provided to further influence the zone through known actions (selling drugs) or dynamic unknown actions (such as graffiti/tagging, etc).


The configuration for this resource is extensive.
All relevant information has been spread out across the

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