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throw bag adds depth and authenticity to scenarios involving water emergencies. It’s great to see technology being leveraged in virtual environments to simulate real-life situations and enhance immersion. Plus, having tools like this available for fire and police departments adds a layer of realism and strategic gameplay for players taking on those roles. It’s a creative way to incorporate both gameplay mechanics and safety awareness.

“Introducing the Water Rescue Throw Bag, a premium resource designed to enhance realism and immersion in your roleplay server. Modeled after real-life equipment used by emergency services, this throw bag is a vital tool for rescuing individuals from dangerous situations in water bodies such as rivers, lakes, and more.

With just a simple command (/throwbag), users can easily activate the throw bag and aim it at their target player, swiftly deploying the rescue rope and potentially saving lives in virtual emergencies. The throw bag boasts an impressive range of 25 meters, ensuring effective rescue capabilities across various water environments on your map.

Crafted by our expert 3D modeling team, the throw bag features custom models exclusive to this resource, adding a touch of authenticity and visual appeal to your roleplay experience. Whether your server operates on OneSync, OneSync Infinity, or Non-OneSync, our fully synced resource ensures seamless integration across all server environments.

Moreover, with built-in permission checks and compatibility with popular frameworks like vRP or ESX, server owners can maintain control over access to the throw bag, promoting balanced gameplay and adherence to server rules.

Distinguish your server with the Water Rescue Throw Bag, an indispensable tool for emergency responders and a thrilling addition to any roleplay environment. Elevate your gameplay experience and bring your virtual emergencies to life with this premium resource.”

Full Features

Enhanced Realism – These are used in real life by police, fire and ambulance as an easy piece of equipment to rescue someone in water. The bag can be easily deployed through a command and thrown, potentially saving a life. This ultimately sets you apart from other services, giving you a new aspect of realism.
Easily activate – Simply run /throwbag and aim at your target player to deploy.
25m Distance – The rope will likely work for a longer distance but we can confirm this works well in most rivers and lakes around the map and will bring great realism to your roleplay situations.
Fully Synced – Our resource works on both OneSync, OneSync Infinity and Non-OneSync.
Custom Models – Our 3D Modelling team created this exclusively for sale with this resource.
Permission Checks – You can easily add permission checks or integrate this into a framework such as vRP or ESX.

Preview Video – Throw Bag & Water Rescue System

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