Trading Cards [QB]

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Trading Cards [QB]

Trading Cards [QB]

Trading Cards QB FrameWork


This is the most advanced trading card script on the market!

This resource is FULLY OPEN SOURCE

● Runs at 0:00 ms
● When you are standing next to someone and use a card, it shows the other player the card you used. This is used as a way to share your cards without handing them the item.
● Business Functionality
● Only players with the business job can grade cards
● Only players with the business job can access the shop to buy the items to resell to players.
● Card Grading (3 areas get a random value 1-10, the average is the card grade). This makes a grade 10 extremally rare.
● Each card is given a print id (the# is the order in which it was opened). When graded, this number is displayed on the top right of the case.
● 32 cards ready to go out of the box!
● 173 toys ready to go out of the box!
● Ability to easily add infinite amount of new cards and new toys!

Requirements consist of:

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