Truck Robbery V4 [ESX,QB]

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Truck Robbery V4 [ESX,QB]

Truck Robbery V4 [ESX,QB]

Truck Robbery V4 ESX/QB FrameWork


  • Supports ESX and QBCORE.
  • Do not needed any other scripts.
  • The robbery is sync with every player.
  • Included police alert.
  • Unlimited amounts of truck routes (you can set up as many as you want).
  • Discord logs.
  • Cooldown time between robberies.
  • Onesync/Onesync Infinity support.
  • Easy config.
  • Configurable to give black money.
  • Fully Optimalised: 0.00-0.03 ms. (if you are not near it: 0.00ms.)

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