Vehicleshop V6 [ESX]

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Vehicleshop V6 [ESX]

Vehicleshop V6 [ESX]


  • Licenses required to buy from specific vehicle shops
  • Vehicles are created via config (no shitty SQL pulling)
  • Bank / cash options
  • After buying the vehicle, it will spawn to a set location, if the location is taken, then the car will be added to garage instead
  • You can choose colors prior to buying (configurable)
  • You can choose between OX Inventory cash or using a bank system (framework or pefcl)
  • You can freely preview the vehicle by moving mouse or switching views (C)
  • Vehicles are invisible to other players in a way they can’t interact with each other
  • To my knowledge, bugproof
  • Choice between discord logging / ox logger
  • OX Target / Points option

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