VIP System v2 [ESX]

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VIP System v2 [ESX]

(Skillsystem,Battlepass,Case System,Vip System )

VIP System v2 [ESX]

:sparkles:Skill System Features :sparkles:
This script comes ready-made in vipsystem, no need to purchase it additionally (skill system 13)
:man_running: Run faster as you level up!
:man_lifting_weights: Increase your Stamina with levels for longer runs!
:pill: Heal faster and boost your health with health skills!
:shield: Improve your armor skills for quicker armor recovery and added protection!
:ocean: Dive deeper and stay underwater longer!
:speedboat: Glide swiftly across the water’s surface!
:video_game: Easily export to the client-side for custom XP rewards and professions!
:man_dancing: Character animations enhance as skills improve.
:hammer_and_wrench: Customize and add new skills in the config – complete script flexibility!

Store System Features :sparkles:

:shopping_cart: Customizable Items: You can buy items, weapons, food, cars, cars and more that you can customize in every detail through Config.
:moneybag: Coin Purchase: You can buy coins through tebex according to your needs or earn coins by staying in the game.

:sparkles: Advanced Chassis System Features :sparkles:

:moneybag: Various Earning Opportunities: You have the chance to earn many valuable things with very little money or get rare items with a lot of money.
:recycle: Exchange Opportunity: If you don’t like an item, you can put it up for sale for the same amount of coins.
:gem: Prisma and Regular Coins: There are two types of coins – valuable and worthless. You can set these values as you wish in the config.

:star2: Battlepass Missions and XP Earning :star2:

:dart: Complete Missions: Earn rewards for successfully completing Battlepass missions.
:up: XP Collection: Earn XP and level up as you spend time in-game.
:gift: New Items and Cars: Unlock new items and cars as you level up and expand your collection.

:envelope_with_arrow: Ticket System and Admin Contact :envelope_with_arrow:

:rocket: Fast Communication: Communicate quickly and effectively with admins thanks to the ticket system.
:gear: System Features: Systemic features in the admin menu allow admins to help you quickly

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