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wheel clamp fivem is the essential solution for an advanced vehicle clamp for your FiveM server. Our resource introduces an extensive amount of features to make your police department, or traffic management units more realistic and immersive than ever before, whilst also improving and enhancing roleplay for the civilian community.

This resource includes realistic and custom props, featuring two dedicated clamp models, which have been designed by professional modelers to take your vehicle clamping to the next level.

full features of the Smart Clamp script:

  1. Realistic and Custom Props: Enhance roleplay on your server with meticulously designed props. Our experienced modellers have crafted two custom clamp models exclusively for Smart Clamp, adding visual realism and immersion to vehicle immobilization scenarios.
  2. Permission Integration: Straight out of the box, Smart Clamp seamlessly integrates with popular permission frameworks like QBCore, ESX, and vRP. Easily specify which jobs or roles can utilize Smart Clamp, or utilize ACE permissions for flexible authorization control.
  3. Lockpick Mechanic: Civilians can engage in immersive roleplay by attempting to remove clamps using a lockpick item. With supported inventories, each lockpick attempt carries a chance of success, adding excitement and unpredictability to the gameplay experience.
  4. Item Support: Smart Clamp offers robust item support for QBCore, ESX, vRP, Quasar Inventory, OX Inventory, and Core Inventory systems. This means you can utilize the clamp as an in-game item, expanding its functionality and integration possibilities within your server environment.
  5. Compatibility with All Vehicles: Smart Clamp ensures optimal positioning and compatibility with all types of vehicles, regardless of size or shape. Whether it’s cars, trucks, or motorcycles, Smart Clamp is designed to effectively immobilize illegally parked vehicles across the board.
  6. Fully Synced Gameplay: Enjoy hassle-free gameplay with Smart Clamp’s fully synced functionality. With synchronization across all players, you can rest assured that Smart Clamp operates smoothly without any sync issues, providing a seamless experience for all participants.

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