Wheel Damage V4 [ESX,QB]

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Wheel Damage V4 [ESX,QB]

Wheel Damage V4 [ESX,QB]

Wheel Damage V4 ESX/QB FrameWork

Requirements to trigger the loss of wheels:

  • Make a jump that lasts more than 1 second (configurable in the config.lua)
  • Make a collision with a certain speed (configurable in the config.lua)

The wheels are removable to be put back on the original vehicle.

Integration for other script

A trigger is available to allow your mechanic script to repair the damaged vehicle.



The limitations of GTA make that the motorcycle wheels are not detachable, so they are immune. I also limited the wheels for boats, planes and helicopters. The off-road wheels allow to override the fact of losing a wheel via height but not via collisions.


QBCore / ESX / Standalone / Custom


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