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FiveM Rollerskating script 3D roller shoes for both females and males with different textures, including two models for a perfect fit. Free FiveM script included for rollerskating with these 3D models.

3D Roller shoes for Female and Male with differents textures (I made Two 3D Models to fit correctly for Female and Male) – Free Script that work with my 3D model
Added the sprint button to go faster (max 35kmh). Can’t be more because your playermodel is shaking.
– Reduced base speed (35 to 20kmh).
– The jogger animation is continuous when you sprint.
– Remove unnecessary code (it was our framework + debug) that was causing an error in the console (But the script was working)
Just simply ride on your favorite place and show off in front of your friends ! – Use the command /roller to put your Roller on your feet. – Use the command /leave to remove the Roller shoes. – Your shoes will be saved and put back when you take off the Roller – Choose the color of your Roller for Female and Male in the config.lua – Different/custom animations for Female and Male when you ride with the Roller – You can’t fall by a random collision We don’t do the Roller as an item because we want to make the script standalone. Our shoes are not PROPS, they are cloths.
Installation : – Just simply drag and drop in your resource folder and start it !
Requirements : – Standalone, so you don’t need anything.

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